W+ - key to unlock the gems of females

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Crafted with Micro-Mineralised Nutrient Technology (MMNT) and 7 valuable plant-derived ingredients, the nutrients are easily absorbed into the body with the synergistic benefits for women’s inner-health and outer well-being. With the integration of natural plant extracts, the phytoestrogen that simulating the role of oestrogen in the body, W+ regulates female hormone secretion. W+ helps regulate women’s menstrual problems, increase the chance of conception, improve menopausal symptoms, promote good sleep quality.

For breastfeeding mother, W+ helps to provide high-quality lactation with improved milk production. With the powerful formula with natural plant extracts for restoring youth, W+ strengthen body systems including integumentary system, immune system and body metabolism. By maintaining smooth, firm, healthy skin, W+ fulfil women’s desire for beauty that comes from inside out.
With the enhanced formula with Ceratonia Siliqua, W+ can be a natural alternative to pharmacological drugs in enhancing PCOS related symptoms which adversely impact fertility among women with reproductive age.

Lemon Juice Powder, Pueraria Mirifica, Ceratonia Siliqua, Fenugreek, Fennel Seed, Wild Yam, Dandelion, Blessed Thistle, MMNT (Potassium Citrate, Potassium Carbonate, Silica, Magnesium Sulfate), Citric Acid, Fructose

How to Consume
- Consume 2 sachets daily, morning and night, from the first day of menstruation and continue for 10 consecutive days.
- Suitable for women, 18 years old and above.
- Not recommended for pregnant women.
- Consult our nutritionist or healthcare professional before consumption.
- Keep out of reach of children.
*For other conditions, please seek consultation from our nutritionist or healthcare professionals.

Net Weight
20 sachets X 2gm

1. Can I consume W+ when I am breastfeeding?
W+ is beneficial for lactating mom as it has ingredients to improve lactation. Lactating mom should set a date and start consuming W+ twice per day, for 10 consecutive days.

2. Is this product recommended for pregnant women?
We do not recommend pregnant women to consume any health supplement, including W+ without the recommendation of their health care providers.

3. Are children suitable to consume W+?
We do not recommend children to consume W+. This product is recommended for women with 18 years old and above.

4. Is vegetarian/ vegan suitable to consume W+?
Yes. We use plant extracts for the active ingredients, and it is suitable for vegetarians or vegans.

5. How does W+ increase my chances of getting pregnant?
W+ can help women to regulate hormones. When female hormones are unbalanced, it can negatively affect ovulation and/or prevent the implantation of fertilized eggs on the uterine wall. A balanced hormone increases the chances of conceiving.