Return Legacy Entrepreneur Academy

‘Performing With Pleasure, Striving With Honesty’ is what guides our learning culture in RLEA. Behind every course, valuable practical entrepreneurial experience is provided for our members to experience what goes behind operating a business and on other hand, to enhance the presence of self-worth.

RLEA is known for its education modules, with tools, topics and courses that are specially designed to aid distributors in unlocking their personal potential. Each system fulfils its own uniquely different learning outcomes, allowing members to gradually master vital skills and foster a competitive spirit via this platform.

Here, we encourage and support each other like family – when it comes to establishing a career, or bringing great health and wealth for your friends and family. With the view of becoming the best entrepreneurial learning platform for our distributors, we aim to fulfill our mission to enrich people’s lives with value and enhance the quality of life, and RLEA is dedicated to creating valuable opportunities for its members to grow and learn.

RLEA Handbook

For a head start, we have exclusively established the “RLEA Handbook” for you to have a more systematic learning process.

Training Courses

  1. NEO (New Entrepreneur Orientation)
    Orientation for new join distributors on the most basic and fundamental skill needed to make a success start up at Return Legacy.
  2. Product Workshop
    A one day workshop aims to provide complete understanding and hand on experience of the products
  3. NET (New Entrepreneur Training)
    A one day comprehensive training focuses on creating conducive environment for distributors to possess relevant entrepreneurship skills, knowledge, values and attitudes for Return Legacy business.
  4. Legacy Code
    An intermediate 3 days 2 nights’ course for Legacy Partner (LP) and above to uncover and awaken individual’s hidden potentials and abilities.
  5. Ruby Legacy
    An intermediate 2 days 1 night course for Ruby Manager and above to comprehend the true meaning of teamwork with commitment, value and vision.
  6. RCA (Road to Crown Ambassador)
    An integrated course for leaders to inspire, empower and effectively engage the team by focusing on team leadership development and building the team’s management fundamentals.
  7. TTT (Train The Trainer)
    A certified program for appointed distributors to master in public speaking with effective presentations, public speaking skills and techniques.
NEO Product Workshop

Training Topics

1. How To Start

How to start a successful entrepreneurship in 7 simple steps.

2. Networking

A training on building and expanding network.

3. Digital Networking

Maximize the utilization of technology to expand/develop Return Legacy’s business.

4. Rules for Successful Selling

Tips and skills that help distributors to generate sales.

5. Strength Of Leveraging

How to leverage resources and unleash the collaboration of teams to increase engagement, productivity and results.

6. The Five Golden Principles

5 fundamental principles for leaders to strengthen the team.

7. The Power Of RLEA System

The fundamental operating procedures for members to master the duplication skills.

8. The Law of Recruitment

Trains Return Legacy entrepreneurs to master the skills of recruitment.

9. Effective Communication

Training to enhance and develop the effective communication skills.

10. The Power of Events & Activities

To understand the before, during and after meeting process and procedures to improve team performance.

11. The New Entrepreneur Do’s and Don’ts

Rules and regulations for new entrepreneurs to start Return Legacy’s business.