About Us

You and Me, Together We Can Do Better


A respected and socially-esteemed enterprise that benefits society.

Our aim is to be an integral part in creating and achieving a harmonious existence with society. Return Legacy’s policy in product development is to ensure the materials are environmental friendly and is beneficial to all parties.


To enrich people's lives with value and enhance the quality of life.

Empowering individuals towards purposeful and improved lives through realizing the power of youth, health, and spiritual wellbeing. Living life with purpose, pride, and dignity, enabling every one of us to pursue a cherished life filled with joy.


The values that represents the work ethics and attitude of all Legacians.

Responsibility, always be accountable for each decision and choice we make. Commitment, going above and beyond in ensuring only the best in everything we do. Dedication, delivering embodying empathy at all times by prioritizing the needs of others.

Our Trust.

The trust between management and employees inspires all to give their best at work. The company's high-quality products, meanwhile, foster trust within customers.

"We do not cower at the face of failure,
it is what fuels and drives us to the pinnacle of success."

Sam Kho
CEO of Return Legacy.