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We recommend 15 days cleanse because following our Malaysian unhealthy diet, there are too many toxins accumulated in the body, so we need to detox for a longer time of a total 15 days. These days are also a good time to kickstart and get used to a clean diet, and reduce our appetite.
The reason why a cleanse every two months is helpful for the body is because our red blood cells have a lifespan of 4 months before they are replaced. Therefore, a cleanse every half cycle helps improve the health of our blood cells and capable to carry more oxygen to our vital organs. This in turn leads to an increase in energy levels, more effective weight management, improved metabolism and enhance nutrient absorption.

• DETOX 215 contains a series of NUREOX products, including:
I. 1 x NUREOX de"CLEANSE FIBER PLUS (15 sachets x 10gm)
NUREOX de"CLEANSE FIBER PLUS uses all-natural plant ingredients as its formula that is rich in dietary fiber, capturing harmful substances in the intestines and preventing them from being absorbed by the body. It cleanses and detoxifies the intestines, enhancing subsequent nutrient absorption. When the body’s toxins are discharged, you will notice that your skin will begin to glow.

II. 2 x NUREOX Enzyme (15 sachets x 10gm)
NUREOX Enzyme is a fusion of various digestive enzymes. The function of enzymes is for food digestion. Food that cannot be digested properly causes indigestion and encourages bacteria in the intestine to produce toxins. NUREOX Enzyme helps supplement the body's enzymes and greatly reduces the effects caused by toxins from indigestion. In addition, NUREOX Enzyme strengthens the digestive system, while detoxifying it also ensures that your body gets enough nutrients to maintain a healthy body.

III. 1 x NUREOX Grain (750g)
NUREOX Grain is a uniquely formulated nutritious drink mixing a variety of ancient grains which cleanses the body. An excellent first meal for a high-quality breakfast to start your day in the detox programme. NUREOX Grain combines ancient grains and modern grains making it rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, and protein while also providing high iron content. Most importantly, it does not contain trans fats. It nourishes the body while creating a solid nutritional foundation. This nutritious drink can be a replacement for your daily needs.

IV. 1 x NUREOX Protein Promix Vanilla (500g)
NUREOX Protein Promix is rich in pea protein, soybean powder, isolated soy protein, and other high-nutrient ingredients, an excellent choice to increase your daily protein intake. Protein is an indispensable nutrient as the body needs the amino acids to synthesize enzymes and other elements that help detoxification. To ensure the body maintains its optimum health and energy while undergoing the detoxification process, we need to consume the right amount of protein. NUREOX Protein Promix makes an excellent choice for a healthy meal replacement.